LAPD adds 20 tactical e-bikes to its bicycle fleet

LAPD adds 20 tactical e-bikes to its bicycle fleet

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has made a notable addition to its bicycle fleet for officers, by purchasing 20 tactical electric bicycles (e-bikes). As a result of the move, the LAPD now has the biggest police e-bike fleet in the US.

The 20 e-bikes purchased by the LAPD will offer a significant upgrade to the police department’s officers, even though the department already has hundreds of regular bicycles in its fleet. Besides the bicycle fleet, the LAPD uses several other kinds of patrol vehicles, including motorcycles, traditional police cruisers, SUVs, trucks and even horses.

The e-bikes have reportedly been purchased by the LAPD from a retailer called Bulls USA. For customizing the e-bikes, the LAPD evidently worked for months with the retailer. The joint efforts resulted in the erection of patrol bikes on a mountain bike frame for additional strength, and their optimization for urban riding because of their street tires and cargo racks.

The purchase of the e-bikes marks the latest addition of electric vehicles to the LAPD motor pool. The department already uses Zero electric motorcycles, electric scooters, and battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

With regard to the LAPD’s recent e-bike purchase, the Department Chief Charlie Beck said that “E-bikes are the future of bicycling in my opinion, especially in an urban environment,” because they “work great in pedestrian environments, crowded environments.”