JLR to use BlackBerry’s infotainment and security software in its vehicles

JLR to use BlackBerry’s infotainment and security software in its vehicles

In a move which marks a noteworthy partnership between an automaker and a technology company, luxury carmaker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) -- owned by Indian conglomerate Tata Motors -- will be using Canada-based BlackBerry’s automotive technology in its vehicles.

According to a last-week, announcement, BlackBerry and Tata Motors have signed a licensing deal, under which BlackBerry’s infotainment and security software will be used in the vehicles manufactured by JLR.

Although the terms of the deal have not been officially disclosed, the automotive technology to be licensed by BlackBerry to JLR will essentially include its QNX software platform and Certicom security technology.

The QNX software platform which is an important of the BlackBerry-JRL licensing deal is essentially a software solution for vehicle systems, advanced driver assist systems as well as telematics, which are compatible with the architectures of the next-generation models of connected and autonomous vehicles.

The Certicom security technology which Blackberry will be licensing to JLR is already being used in millions of cars on the road.

Overall, the deal between JLR and BlackBerry is indicative of the need for vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-cloud communications in connected cars of the future, as well as the need for highly advanced security technologies to prevent the potential hacking of the communications data.