Investors still apprehensive about investing in EV market

Investors still apprehensive about investing in EV market

Against the backdrop of the fact that investors’ interest in the nascent electric-vehicle (EV) market is somewhat lacklustre, K.C. Ma -- Director of the Roland George investments program at Stetson University in Deland, Florida -- recently said that investing in EVs is still a challenging move for investors.

According to Ma, investors planning to invest in the EV market face several hindrances in selecting assets other than investments in the presently weighed down US-based EV manufacturer Tesla Motors. Tesla stock has been the favourite of investors but the company has failed to live up to its promises of delivering electric vehicles as per consumer demand. In the recent weeks, Tesla Motors has improved deliveries of Model 3.

Elaborating the reasons for the apparent apprehensiveness of investors with regard to making significant investments in EV market, Ma said that Tesla is currently the sole automaker focused entirely on EVs. Despite the fact that Tesla garners the maximum brand recognition in the EV, the volatility of stock is evidently a major put-off factor for investors.

Moreover, Ma has also drawn attention to another hurdle for investors keen on making investments in the EV sector. About that hurdle, Ma said that there has been an increase of barely 1 percent in the worldwide EV market, based on the total car-sales figures for the last five years.

Ma said that even though investors are seeking exposure in the EV industry, profitability from EV investments is still projected to be a rather distant future. Ma specifically asserted: “I am personally not optimistic about the near-term future of electric vehicles.”