Hyundai Motor Union Chief condemns Electric Cars as “evil”, “disasters”

Hyundai Motor Union Chief condemns Electric Cars as “evil”, “disasters”

During the course of a recent interview with the Reuters news service, Hyundai Motor union chief Ha Bu-young said that electric cars are “evil.” He also added that the union is “very nervous” about the projected widespread adoption of electric cars in the coming years because the move is expected to lead to job losses in the future.

In condemning electric cars and describing them as “disasters,” Ha Bu-young said in the Reuters interview said that the Hyundai Motor union is already feeling “job anxiety” and “a sense of crisis” because a mainstream shift to electric vehicles will hit the jobs of workers who are currently engaged in traditional car manufacturing works.

Against the backdrop of the fact that electric vehicles do not need engines and transmissions, Ha Bu-young expressed the concern that the increasing popularity of electric vehicles will be disastrous for workers. Speaking specifically for Hyundai, he said that, in the worst-case scenario, nearly 70 percent of the jobs at the company can potentially be hit due to a switchover to electric cars.

In the wake of the devastating impact which electric vehicles can have on the jobs of workers presently performing some traditional car-manufacturing tasks, Hyundai Motor union is mulling the possibilities of manufacturing electric vehicles without leading to job losses. The union has urged Hyundai to revive a committee which can assess the impact of electric vehicles on the jobs of the company’s workers.