Hyundai files patent application which hints at its Ioniq electric scooter

Hyundai files patent application which hints at its Ioniq electric scooter

South Korean automaker Hyundai Motors has recently filed a patent application which hints at the company’s forthcoming Ioniq electric scooter. The application, however, does not confirm that Hyundai actually has efforts underway to produce the Ioniq scooter.

The patent application, filed last Friday, apparently relates to Hyundai’s battery-powered Ioniq scooter which the company has showcased casually during its presentation at the 2017 CES event. The electric scooter will evidently mark a new addition to the automaker’s Ioniq line of vehicles which presently includes Ioniq electric and hybrid cars.

Hyundai’s patent application for the electric scooter describes the folding mechanism and door storage capacity which was showcased by Hyundai nearly two years back.

As per the application, the electric scooter can be compactly folded down when it is not in use, and can be carried with the help of a handle or a shoulder strap. Alternatively, the folded scooter can also be slotted into the door pocket of the Ioniq, to enable its automatic recharging from the battery pack of the car.

The idea behind Ioniq electric scooter’s folding mechanism and recharging advantage via Ioniq cars is an indication of the fact that Hyundai wants the scooter to serve as a convenient transportation option for Ioniq drivers, either in the form of a last-mile transportation option or for accessing areas in which car rides are not possible.