Hyundai begins production and export of new Kona Electric CUV

Hyundai begins production and export of new Kona Electric CUV

According to reports, a noteworthy first batch of the new Kona Electric compact CUV has been produced by South Korean automaker Hyundai, and export of the vehicle have also been commenced by the company.

The reports are noteworthy because the Kona Electric compact SUV is one of the few all-electric vehicles to be launched in 2018 with mass-market target by South Korean automobile giant.

With Hyundai having commenced the production and exports of the Kona Electric CUV, reports have revealed that just over 1,000 units of the vehicle have been delivered by Hyundai in South Korea, while an additional 1,120 units have been exported by the company. Most of the exports of the Kona Electric will initially go to the European markets because the US launch of the vehicle has been scheduled for later this year.

The Kona Electric CUV will be available in two versions --- a ‘Short-range’ battery pack version equipped with a 39.2 kWh battery pack for 300 km range; and a Long-range’ battery pack version featuring a 64 kWh battery pack for nearly 470 km range.

Hyundai has not yet released the pricing details for the Kona Electric CUV in all the markets. However, it is being projected that the cost of the vehicle will start in the low $30,000s, with the Long Range version to be priced at approximately $40,000.