Harald Krüger: BMW will unveil new “pure-electric concept vehicles” this year

Harald Krüger: BMW will unveil new “pure-electric concept vehicles” this year

At BMW’s recently-held annual press conference, company chairman Harald Krüger announced that a “number of pure-electric concept vehicles” will be unveiled by the automaker in 2018.

Krüger further added that each of the ‘pure-electric concepts’ which will be unveiled by BMW this year will have a corresponding on-the-road version in next few years. By 2025, BMW’s line-up of electrified vehicles will comprise as many as 25 different models; with there being no combustion engine at all in 12 models.

One of the new pure-electric models set for unveiling by BMW this year is the ‘iX3’ pure-electric crossover, a prototype of which is apparently being tested. This new pure-electric concept vehicle will mark the preview of the zero-emissions X3 which is scheduled for launch in 2020.

Detailing BMW’s ‘green’ vehicle plans for the coming years, Krüger reiterated the company’s earlier-this-month announcement that the ‘i Vision Dynamics’ which was first introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017 will be morphed into the new i4 electric vehicle which will be manufactured in the automaker’s home country, Germany.

The announcement by Krüger about BMW’s plans to introduce new pure-electric concept vehicles this year comes at a time when some impressive electric vehicles -- including the latest 3 Series and the M2 Competition -- are being eagerly awaited.