GMP has installed only 10% of 2,000 Powerwalls delivered by Tesla

GMP has installed only 10% of 2,000 Powerwalls delivered by Tesla

According to reports, Tesla has delivered a huge batch of 2,000 Powerwall energy storage systems to Green Mountain Power (GMP) electric utility in Vermont, but only around 10% of the Powerwalls have been installed by the electric utility.

Tesla had launched the first-generation of Powerwall home battery pack in the year 2015. Back then, GMP had inked a deal with Tesla for the Powerwalls, thereby becoming one of the first companies to order the energy storage products.

The order of 2,000 Powerwalls was placed by GMP for the rollout of its virtual power plant. In December 2017, GMP had reportedly installed Powerwalls at around 100 homes in Vermont. The number had increased to 220 Powerwall deployments after the end of the last quarter.

With just over 10% of the 2,000 Powerwalls obtained from Tesla having been deployed by GMP till now, Kristin Carlson -- the company’s Vice President of Strategic & External Affairs -- has revealed in a recent email to Electrek that the electric utility is hopeful of deploying the remaining 90% of the Powerwalls by the end of 2018.

Hinting that there is notable demand for the deployment of Powerwalls in Vermont, GMP had disclosed a few months back that it had a backlog of 1,200 homeowners who have expressed interest in the installation of Tesla’s energy storage system at their homes.