GM, Honda team up to build next-gen batteries for EVs

GM, Honda team up to build next-gen batteries for EVs

In a recent announcement via a press release, General Motors (GM) and Honda have revealed that they have signed a new partnership for building high-performance, next-generation batteries for electric vehicles (EVs).

The announcement of the new partnership between GM and Honda implies that the two automakers aim to follow their EV plans more seriously, and even ensure an adequate supply of high-performance batteries.

According to the announcement, the new GM-Honda team-up will pave the way for the development of “new advanced chemistry battery components, including the cell and module.” The move, based on GM’s current next-gen battery development, is expected to give a notable boost to the EV plans of both the automakers.

Specifically, as per the announcement, the next-generation battery to be developed by GM and Honda will have the capability to “deliver higher energy density, smaller packaging and faster-charging capabilities” for the future products of both automakers, aiming chiefly at the North American market.

Revealing that the new collaboration will be “based on GM’s next generation battery system,” GM said in the press release that the partnership will enable Honda “to source the battery modules from GM.” In addition, GM also added: “The collaboration will support each company’s respective and distinct vehicles.”