Ford and Mahindra will jointly develop new SUVs and small EVs

Ford and Mahindra will jointly develop new SUVs and small EVs

According to a recent disclosure by a senior official at Ford Motor Company, a new agreement has been signed by the US automaker with Indian conglomerate Mahindra Group, for jointly developing new sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and small electric vehicles (EVs).

The information about the new agreement between Ford and Mahindra was revealed by Ford India official R Kanakaraj -- the company’s General Manager of Parts, Supply and Logistics -- on Thursday, during an interaction with reporters on the sidelines of the launch of Aspire compact sedan’s new version in India.

The new Ford-Mahindra tie-up takes forward the memorandum of understanding (MoU) which was signed by the two companies in September 2017. Under the MoU, Ford and Mahindra had proposed the launch of new EVs. The companies had agreed to introduce an SUV, which is likely to be launched in the near future.

In response to questions about the agreement between Ford and Mahindra to jointly develop new EVs, Kanakaraj told the reporters that “both the teams (Mahindra and Ford) were on the job.”

Meanwhile, with regard to the launch of the new Aspire version, Kanakaraj said that the sales of the compact sedan are projected to touch 4.78 lakh units in 2018; thereby marking an increase over the vehicle’s 2017 sales figure of 4.10 lakh units.