EVs set to dominate Auto China 2018 event this week

EVs set to dominate Auto China 2018 event this week

The forthcoming Auto China 2018 event in Beijing this week will unfold an important platform for China to showcase its ambitions to become an electric-vehicle (EV) market leader, along with giving EV manufacturers an opportunity to unveil their newest offering for Chinese customers.

The upcoming auto show will be one of biggest global auto shows of the year. The event is preceded by a recent decision by Chinese authorities to promote the use of EVs and increase flexibility in the industry by allowing full foreign ownership of Chinese automakers.

With China already offering billions of dollars in subsidies to EV manufacturers and buyers, the financial burden of bringing EVs to the market is now being shifted on to the automakers with sales quotas that push them to develop EV models which are appealing for Chinese buyers.

The move will evidently put focus on EVs at the forthcoming auto show, as is evident from the fact that a wide range of EVs will be showcased at the event. Chinese automakers as well as global automobile brands like General Motors Co., Nissan Motor Co., and Volkswagen AG will display affordably-priced compact EVs, along with several other electric cars, hybrids, and luxurious SUVs at the show.

With global automakers hopeful that EVs will represent 35-50 % of the China sales by 2025, Roland Krueger, Chairman of Nissan's luxury brand Infiniti Motor Co. said that there is a “huge potential for vehicle electrification” in China.