Elon Musk: Tesla’s next-gen Roadster will have an ‘Augmented Mode’

Elon Musk: Tesla’s next-gen Roadster will have an ‘Augmented Mode’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed in a recent announcement that the automaker’s forthcoming super car – the next-generation Roadster – will feature an ‘Augmented Mode’ which will enable the drivers to handle the vehicle’s power.

Revealing that the ‘Automated Mode’ in the next-generation Roadster will come in addition to the Autopilot system, Musk said that the feature is expected to “massively enhance human driving ability.”

Going by the indications from Musk, the next-gen Roadster’s ‘Automated Mode’ will apparently be some kind of a driver assist system which will be capable of taking over some driving controls while still enabling the driver to have some control of the vehicle.

The next-gen Roadster was unveiled by Tesla Motors at an event held in November 2017; with its production likely to commence in 2020.

At the unveiling event, Musk had revealed a list of extraordinarily impressive specifications for the automaker’s upcoming supercar, saying that it would boast a range of 620 miles, and will have the ability to accelerate from 0-60 mph in barely 1.9 seconds. The mentioned specifications were apparently for the ‘base version’ of the next-gen Roadster.

Moreover, Musk has also already revealed that the next-gen Roadster will put insane power in the hands of drivers, and has also asserted that vehicle will evidently feature some more impressive specifications, thanks to a ‘SpaceX option package.’