Elon Musk: Tesla’s Model 3 Performance version has “stronger” brakes, lower suspension

Elon Musk: Tesla’s Model 3 Performance version has “stronger” brakes, lower suspension

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has recently confirmed some of the new features of the automaker’s forthcoming Model 3 Performance version, which will hit the North American stores in the near future.

According to the details shared by Musk, the Performance version of Model 3 will be different from the vehicle’s normal version in terms of comparatively “stronger” brakes and well as a 1 cm lower suspension.

With reference to Musk’s confirmation of the new features for Model 3 Performance version, some reports have interestingly pointed out that a few Model 3 owners have made aftermarket modifications to their vehicles to slightly lower the suspension, evidently for an improved handling performance.

The ‘lower suspension’ feature announced by Musk for the Tesla Model 3 Performance version is noteworthy because the version in only offered with coil suspension. In comparison, for the “performance vehicles” in Model S and Model X, Tesla offers air suspension with variable heights.

Besides the lower suspension, the Model 3 Performance version will also come stock with “stronger” brakes while ordering. The move is apparently the outcome of reports about Models 3’s somewhat unsatisfactory braking performance in high usage setting, and an evidently improved braking experience when aftermarket brake pads are used.

Overall, about the Model 3 Performance version, Musk said that the driving the vehicle is “like having pure fun jacked straight into your brain whenever you want.”