Elon Musk: Tesla plans to expedite its entry in Iceland

Elon Musk: Tesla plans to expedite its entry in Iceland

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently replied to a query from Twitter user that the US-based electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing company plans to speed up its entry into the Iceland market.

The disclosure by Musk is noteworthy because Tesla Motors currently does not have an official presence in Iceland, even though the company has been on a significant expansion spree in Europe during the last few years. Tesla’s network in Europe is still in its initial stages.

Tesla’s plans to accelerate its entry in Iceland will apparently be a good move for the company because the remote, sparsely-populated island could be ideal for a massive EV adoption, especially due to high cost of petrol and diesel.

Moreover, with electricity generation in Iceland already being nearly 100% renewable, the EVs in the country will be using clean energy.

Despite the fact that Iceland has only around 350,000 inhabitants, the sales of EVs -- particularly plug-in vehicles -- in the country account for more than 15% of total vehicle sales; thanks to the increasing use of EVs in the recent years.

The popularity of EVs evidently results from the fact that the country’s population is significantly concentrated around Reykjavík and people can easily cover their fairly short commutes with the available EVs. Though a few Tesla EVs can be seen in Iceland, the vehicles have been imported by the owners because the company does not officially sell vehicles in Iceland, as of now.