Elon Musk: Tesla may reveal Model Y on “March 15” next year

Elon Musk: Tesla may reveal Model Y on “March 15” next year

In a recent Twitter post, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has apparently announced that the automaker’s Model Y electric car is likely to be revealed next year, on “March 15.” This disclosure by Musk has come in response to a query from a Twitter user.

Musk generally makes some wild claims on Twitter, and his followers often wonder whether the information he shares on Twitter actually amounts to making an announcement or not. Some of Musk’s followers on Twitter can discern the truth of his statements from the tone of his posts.

After recently announcing “March 15” as the Model Y reveal date on Twitter, Musk followed up the disclosure by saying that “the Ides of March sounded good,” so he has “just made it up” as the timing for the Model Y unveiling.

However, Musk also added alongside that the “March 15” Model Y reveal date should be considered as “real” because Tesla Motors has been roughly targeting the unveiling of the electric car sometime between late 2018 and mid-2019.

Although the “March 15” reveal date for Model Y has not come in an official announcement from Tesla Motors, the date does make some sense as it is nearly a year from now. By the mentioned timing for the Model Y reveal, the Tesla Model 3 production line will evidently be up and running, so the focus of the automaker will obviously be on its “next thing” --- Model Y.