Elon Musk: Tesla has nearly 11,000 ongoing energy storage projects in Puerto Rico

Elon Musk: Tesla has nearly 11,000 ongoing energy storage projects in Puerto Rico

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has recently revealed that the electric vehicle maker presently has nearly 11,000 energy storage project underway in Puerto Rico. Tesla has witnessed increase in demand for its energy storage system and the company recently raised the prices for its energy storage solutions.

Musk’s recent statement implies that Tesla is evidently working on a significant ramp-up of its efforts towards rebuilding the power grid in Puerto Rico, after the destruction by hurricanes in 2017.

The disclosure that Tesla has ‘about 11,000’ ongoing energy storage projects in Puerto Rico comes within a few weeks of last-month statement by Musk that Tesla had deployed batteries at 662 locations in Puerto Rico. As per reports, Tesla’s battery installations on the islands were chiefly focused on critical services.

Tesla’s energy-system deployments in Puerto Rico are among the biggest efforts undertaken by the company to install its energy storage systems in a single market. The efforts are now being enhanced manifold with Musk disclosing that, in addition to the deployments at 662 locations in May 2018, Tesla has approximately 20 times more projects underway on the islands.

The ‘about 11,000’ energy-storage projects hinted by Musk as currently underway in Puerto Rico could possibly be a part of Tesla large scale project to assist the Puerto Rican government to restore power on the islands. Already, some recent reports have indicated that the Puerto Rican government is mulling Tesla’s plan for deploying a series of microgrids throughout the market.