Elon Musk says Tesla Model Y will bring ‘a manufacturing revolution’ in 2020

Elon Musk says Tesla Model Y will bring ‘a manufacturing revolution’ in 2020

According to Tesla’s high-profile CEO Elon Musk, the electric vehicle manufacturer’s forthcoming all-electric CUV -- Model Y -- will herald ‘a manufacturing revolution’ in the year 2020. Tesla Motors has led electric vehicle segment with its innovative cars, superchargers and long-range batteries.

The projections about the Model Y all-electric SUV were made by Musk at Tesla’s Q1 2018 conference call this week. Musk also answered analyst queries about Tesla’s future and company’s production targets.

Musk has long been building hype about the architecture of Model Y, asserting that the vehicle is targeted at fast and simple manufacturing. In a further addition to the earlier hype, Musk has now asserted that the vehicle will apparently pave the way for a revolutionized production process when it officially hits the markets in 2020.

In revealing that Model Y is scheduled to go into production in 2020, Musk has rebuffed a last-month Reuters report -- based on the information shared by unnamed sources in the supply chain -- which claimed that Tesla is aiming at a November 2019 timeline for starting the production of Model Y.

Previously, in a 2017 announcement, Musk had said that Model Y will hit the production line in “late 2019 to 2020”; and will be built on a new platform which will apparently chuck out the 12-volt battery architecture. The disclosure implied that Tesla will not be using the Model 3 platform for building the Model Y all-electric SUV.