Elon Musk says forthcoming Tesla Pickup Truck is his ‘favorite next Tesla product’

Elon Musk says forthcoming Tesla Pickup Truck is his ‘favorite next Tesla product’

US electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk shared some interesting information about the automaker’s upcoming products last week, saying that the pickup truck is his ‘favorite next Tesla product.’ The statement was made by Musk during Tesla’s earnings conference call.

While talking about Tesla’s product programs for the future, Musk clearly said: “Probably my personal favorite for the next product is the pickup truck.” He also added alongside that Tesla would come up with “an amazing pickup truck.”

The statement by Musk implies that Tesla apparently has plans underway to disrupt the important pickup truck segment. Already, the Tesla Model S and Model X electric cars have disrupted the premium full-size sedan and SUV segments, while the Tesla Model 3 is now disrupting the midsize premium sedan segment in the US.

Despite the fact that Tesla has three new electric vehicles lined up for launch ahead of the pickup truck, Musk has described the imminent Tesla Pickup Truck as his ‘favorite’ future product evidently because the electrification of the pickup truck segment has not been fervently undertaken by established automakers.

There is presently no information about the expected timeline for the launch of the Tesla Pickup Truck. Nonetheless, Musk has recently sought suggestions for features which can be added to the truck which is seemingly in the process of development.

Recently, Elon Musk surprised investors and Wall Street by announcing on Twitter that he plans to take Tesla Motors private. This came as a shock for investors who were betting against Tesla Motors. Tesla shorts have already lost a massive amount as Tesla Motors stock has jumped after the company announced improved Model 3 delivery numbers. The latest announcement by Musk about taking the company private at $420 per stock has pushed the losses further for Tesla shorts.