Elon Musk: Germany is the “leading choice” for new Tesla Gigafactory in Europe

Elon Musk: Germany is the “leading choice” for new Tesla Gigafactory in Europe

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said in a recent statement that the US-based electric vehicle manufacturer is considering the possibility of opening a new Gigafactory in Germany. Tesla has already confirmed expansion of its operations in China and with new factory in Germany, the company can expect much better support and response to its vehicles in Europe. Tesla has also planned improvement in its supercharging network in Europe.

Tesla already has its Gigafactory 1 located in Nevada, and is expected to soon announce its new Gigafactory in China. However, the company has also hinted in the past about a full battery and vehicle factory in Europe.

In that connection, Musk has now said that Germany is the “leading choice” in terms of a potential location for a Tesla Gigafactory in Europe. The statement by Musk comes against the backdrop of the fact that a number of European countries are trying to attract Tesla for a potential factory location.

Tesla already has a European factory which is located in Tilburg in the Netherlands. However, the automaker uses that factory only for the ‘final assembly’ of its Model S and Model X electric cars. Other than the ‘final assembly’ factory in Tilburg, Tesla also has its European headquarters in Amsterdam.

Musk’s recent confirmation that Tesla’s next Gigafactory might come up in Germany implies that the automaker apparently has three new factories in the works --- a Gigafactory in China, a planned Gigafactory for Model Y production, and a new Gigafactory in Europe (possibly Germany).