Early reviews about Jaguar I-PACE electric car are mostly positive

Early reviews about Jaguar I-PACE electric car are mostly positive

Some of the recently released early look videos of the Jaguar I-PACE, as well as some early reviews of the vehicle from a few European publications, appear to underline mostly positive observations about the electric vehicle (EV).

With most of the early Jaguar I-PACE reviews being largely upbeat, the scenario appears to be fairly good for forthcoming electric vehicles in general.

Although popular electric vehicles magazine Electrek has not given its opinion on the Jaguar I-PACE in specific, its review of the vehicle is expected shortly. Electrek has been invited, together with some other US publications, by Jaguar next week, for reviewing the automaker’s new EV.

Nonetheless, despite largely positive reviews about the I-PACE which indicate that the I-PACE is a very compelling electric car, Electrek has found that there have apparently been remarks from ICE focused publications that the new Jaguar EV “doesn’t have a soul.”

One of the biggest concerns which have been highlighted in the reviews with regard to the Jaguar I-PACE is the charging network, which evidently is not even close to the Tesla EV charging network in the US or in other areas. Most of the CCS chargers in the US are 50kW or less. In addition, they are undependable solo stations (enabling only one EV to get charged at a time), which rely on different charger payment networks.