Dutch startup Bolt Mobility launches its first electric scooter

Dutch startup Bolt Mobility launches its first electric scooter

In a recent announcement, Dutch startup Bolt Mobility has revealed that it is launching its first vehicle --- a new electric scooter called AppScooter.

Announcing the launch of the AppScooter electric scooter, Bolt Mobility said that it has plans underway to open pre-orders for the scooter in July 2018. The pre-orders will be accepted internationally by the company, which plans to start producing the scooters in Holland later in 2018.

According to the information shared by Bolt Mobility, the cost of the AppScooter will start at $3,520.

Touting the fact that the AppScooter will boast an impressive list of new fancy features which are thus far not available on other electric scooters, Bolt Mobility said that the design of its electric scooter will be partly modern and partly stereotypical. The scooter will be equipped with six modular battery packs, and will supposedly offer a range of 400 km at a 25 km/hr speed.

With the AppScooter likely to challenge the electric scooter which Vespa plans to launch later this year, the focus of Bolt Mobility has been on making the AppScooter a fully connected device. The scooter has the ability to integrate with an iPhone or Android smartphone through a 7-inch touchscreen display, in order to offer features like music selection and turn-by-turn GPS navigation, along with enabling the riders to receive calls directly on their scooters.