Don Swearingen talks about Mitsubishi’s plans for EV segment

Don Swearingen talks about Mitsubishi’s plans for EV segment

During the course of a recent interview with Digital Trends, Mitsubishi Motors North America’s Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President Don Swearingen shared some information about how Japanese automaker Mitsubishi -- controlled by Nissan since 2016 -- is preparing for an electric future.

The information shared by Swearingen comes against the backdrop of Mitsubishi’s apparent plans for a mass-market line of all-electric and plug-in hybrid utility vehicles, based on the early experiences from its small i-MiEV electric car and Outlander Plug-In Hybrid.

Swearingen’s conversation with Digital Trends largely pivoted around the challenges faced by automakers in selling electrified vehicles, and Mitsubishi’s plans to introduce and integrate more technology into its future vehicles.

Revealing that Mitsubishi has efforts underway to bring its 2017-introduced new Eclipse Cross crossover utility vehicle to the market, Swearingen said that the company will have a new, aggressive advertising campaign for the clean, sharp-looking car.

With regard to Mitsubishi’s plans for electric vehicles going forward, Swearingen said that the automaker will launch more plug-in hybrids, beyond the existing Outlander Plug-In Hybrid. He also added that Mitsubishi’s electric-vehicle line-up in the future will comprise new plug-in hybrids as well as crossover utility vehicles; and asserted that all of Mitsubishi’s new electric vehicles will emerge from the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance.