Daimler AG and Volkswagen Plan Major Investment in Electric Cars

Daimler AG and Volkswagen Plan Major Investment in Electric Cars

German automobile majors Daimler AG and Volkswagen are putting in serious effort and funds for development of electric vehicles. As per latest reports, more than 50 electric vehicles will be in the market by year 2022. Tesla has been in the frontline for long-range electric vehicles but the high price tag of Tesla cars has prevented the company from reaching mass market. However, with Model 3, Tesla aims to reach many more people planning to switch to green cars.

In the European market, customers will have a choice among 58 electric vehicles by year 2022. This includes electric vehicles, plugin hybrids and fuel-cell cars. Many European countries have announced strict policy changes which will force automobile companies to switch to electric vehicles. Volkswagen e-Golf costs Euro 35,000 while Passat GTE costs around Euro 41,000.

Dyson, a company popular for its vacuum cleaners, has also announced its plans to develop an electric vehicle. While many people were surprised to hear Dyson’s plan to enter automobile sector, CEO James Dyson confirmed that his company will be soon entering the segment.

As per latest data for August sales in Europe, Renault Zoe leads the pack with 2,152 sales in August. For year 2017, the most popular cars in Europe including Renault Zoe, Nissan Leaf, BMW 13, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, VW Passat GTE and Mercedes GLC350e. Tesla Model S has sold 8,051 units in the European market till August 2017.