Curtiss Motorcycles announces new “luxurious” electric motorcycle --- ‘Hera’

Curtiss Motorcycles announces new “luxurious” electric motorcycle --- ‘Hera’

In a recent announcement, classic US motorcycle brand Curtiss Motorcycles has introduced its second electric motorcycle called the ‘Hera.’ The motorcycle is scheduled for official unveiling at The Quail motorcycle gathering in Carmel, California.

The announcement of the second electric motorcycle by Curtiss Motorcycles has come within months of the unveiling of the company’s first electric motorcycle called the ‘Zeus’ in May 2018. For developing the Zeus, Curtiss Motorcycles had collaborated with Zero Motorcycles.

With Curtiss apparently pitching the 2020 Hera electric motorcycle as its “all-electric flagship model,” Matt Chambers -- CEO of Curtiss Motorcycles -- has described the Hera as “the world’s most luxurious motorcycle.”

Asserting that the Hera will “occupy a class all her own,” Chambers said that the electric motorcycle will feature the world’s first V8 battery architecture, a 66-inch wheelbase, and an ultra-powerful E-Twin motor. Furthermore, as per a statement by Curtiss Motorcycles’ Design Director Jordan Cornille, the design of the Hera is based on Glenn Curtiss’ iconic 1907 V8 motorcycle.

With the Hera electric motorcycle to be marketed as a new class of motorcycle, Curtiss Motorcycles said in a statement: “Hera’s long wheelbase and low stance give her a classic and sensual proportion, a deliberate nod to the proportion of the original golden age of American motorcycling.”