China to curb “blind” development of rapidly growing EV sector

China to curb “blind” development of rapidly growing EV sector

At a recent briefing with reporters in Beijing, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) spokeswoman Meng Wei said that China plans to take action to curtail the “blind” development of its electric vehicle (EV) sector which has been witnessing a rapid growth of late.

The statement has been made by Wei against the backdrop of China’s aggressive policies to promote the new energy vehicle (NEV) sector. China is giving the NEV sector a significant push in an evident attempt to check air pollution levels resulting from the use of vehicles with traditional combustion engines, as well as to boast its high-tech efforts.

However, with latest data released by the industry ministry showing that 355 different types of electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles were produced by 102 companies in China March-end 2018, experts have cautioned the country with regard to potential overcapacity risks being faced by the EV sector.

According to the information shared by Wei with the reporters, China plans to bring some order to its EV sector by making adjustments to industry entry thresholds, as well as by strengthening corporate responsibility and bringing about a notable improvement in terms of government supervision of the sector.

About the need for China to check rapid growth of EV sector, Wei said: “At present, new energy vehicle technology is improving very quickly, and the scale of the market is gradually expanding, but there are also indications of blind development.”