CHAdeMO releases its new protocol for 400 kW ‘ultra-fast’ charging

CHAdeMO releases its new protocol for 400 kW ‘ultra-fast’ charging

In a recent announcement, Japanese electric vehicle charging standard CHAdeMO has revealed that it is unveiling a new protocol -- CHAdeMO 2.0 -- for 400 kW ‘ultra-fast’ charging.

CHAdeMO is an electric vehicle (EV) charging standard which has an international reach, but is mainly popular in its home market -- Japan -- as well as in Europe, where it is still the foremost EV charging standard though CCS is also gaining popularity.

With 100 kW to 200 kW charging stations being deployed in huge numbers of late, the recent unveiling of the new CHAdeMO 2.0 version of the protocol is an indication that CHAdeMO is now pushing for 400 kW. The ‘ultra-fast’ charging capability of the new protocol will evidently challenge the latest CCS “ultra-fast” stations which are presently being deployed across the world.

About the release of CHAdeMO’s new protocol, Dave Yoshida -- Secretary General of CHAdeMO -- said: “The publication of the new version of the protocol is part of our broader efforts to expand the CHAdeMO protocol to a wider variety of vehicles, including trucks and buses.”

Earlier, in its 2018 General Assembly held on May 30, 2018, in Daiba district in Tokyo, the CHAdeMO Association had specifically drawn attention to its “healthy growth,” resulting from the fact that it has “over 18 000 chargers installed across 71 countries.”