California, New York and New Jersey announce $1.3 billion spending Charging Infrastructure

California, New York and New Jersey announce $1.3 billion spending Charging Infrastructure

California, New York, and New Jersey have announced $1.3 billion spending on improving charging infrastructure, a move that would offer the much-needed support for electric vehicles segment from local governments. Electric vehicles get tax rebates and other incentives but one of the biggest issues automobile companies report is charging infrastructure. Many newly developed electric vehicles have good range and won’t need charging on an everyday basis for majority of drives in the United States. Still, charging infrastructure needs investment from local authorities and automobile companies.

Tesla Motors has strong supercharging network in many states but with increasing number of electric vehicles on the road, charging stations need to catch up. Other automobile companies are also working on their own charging networks. Electrify America has also planned expansion of its charging network. More than 80 percent of electric vehicle owners charge their vehicles at home currently.

California’s Public Utilities Commission approved projects up to $738 million for charging infrastructure over next five years. Southern California Edison and the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) will spend up to $343 million and $236 million each. The utilities have announced adding 1,500 charging locations in California over next five years.

As per a report published by The Verge, San Diego Gas and Electric will spend up to $137 million on its “Residential Charging Program,” allowing the utility to offer rebates for up to 60,000 customers who want to install Level 2 chargers in their homes.

As per the International Energy Agency (IEA) data, there are nearly 3 million home chargers currently and 430,000 EV charging points setup by automobile companies or charging network operators.

New York will invest $250 million in its EVolve NY program to support electric vehicle initiatives. New Jersey governor’s office also announced $300 million spending on electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Utilities will gain from increased acceptance of electric vehicles. At the moment, nearly 3 million electric vehicles are on the roads across the world. Last year, nearly one million vehicles have been sold by automobile companies across the world. China accounts for nearly 50 percent of global electric vehicle sales.