BYD joins CharIN to support global standards for charging plug-in vehicles

BYD joins CharIN to support global standards for charging plug-in vehicles

Chinese automaker BYD has recently indicated its support of global standards for charging plug-in vehicles with a noteworthy move --- the company has joined the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN).

Since CharIN essentially marks a coalition which is making persistent efforts to improve the Combined Charging System (CCS) charging standard, BYD’s move to join the initiative underscores the company’s backing of a unified push for standardizing electric vehicle (EV) charging systems. The move is especially significant because BYD has been the world leader in terms of plug-in vehicle sales over the past few years.

With BYD having joined CharIN, it is apparent that the company advocates global charging interface standardization, together with some other renowned CharIN members including ABB, Tesla, Ford, GM, Daimler, BMW, FCA, VW Group, Toyota, Mazda, NEVS, Subaru, Shell, and Tritium, among others.

The Combined Charging System (CCS) is, by design, an open, universal and internationally-flexible EV charging system which takes into account international standards. About BYD’s move to join CharIN, Bobby Hill -- the Vice President of BYD North America, Coach and Bus -- said that the company’s support of CCS will enhance the possibility for more efficient transportations solutions.

Highlighting the fact that “CCS is currently the world’s only charging system that covers all charging scenarios with a single product,” Hill said that BYD’s membership in CharIN underscores the automaker’s “continued efforts to advance and expand the electric vehicle ecosystem.”