Brødrene Aa delivers new all-electric catamaran to The Fjords in Norway

Brødrene Aa delivers new all-electric catamaran to The Fjords in Norway

In Norway, a new all-electric catamaran -- ‘The Future of the Fjords’ -- equipped with a massive battery pack has recently been delivered by Brødrene Aa to The Fjords, which will put the boat into operation later this month.

The all-electric catamaran was unveiled by Brødrene Aa in April. The ship will take over the traffic in the fjords without causing any air pollution. The move to reduce pollution caused by traffic in the fjords has been appreciated by tourists and travel companies operating in the region.

The news about the delivery of the all-electric catamaran by Brødrene Aa, and its impending operation by The Fjords by the month-end, comes in coincidence with recent reports that the Norwegian Parliament has efforts underway to cut down emissions from cruise ships and ferries in Norway’s popular and World Heritage destination, the fjords.

When The Fjords starts operating the all-electric, 42-meter long carbon fibre ship by May-end, the ship will make 700 emission-free round trips between Flåm and Gudvangen every year.

The all-electric catamaran has the capacity to accommodate 400 passengers. It boasts a mammoth 1,800 kWh battery pack and two 450-kW electric motors, giving the ship the ability to sustain 16-knots speed for 30 nautical miles.

Highlighting the fact that the all-electric catamaran will have a minimal effect on the environment, The Fjords’ CEO Rolf Sandvik said at the ship’s unveiling: “It is our mission to safeguard the vulnerable environment we give access to, while providing the absolute optimal experience for our passengers.”