BMW releases teaser image of concept version of iNext electric car

BMW releases teaser image of concept version of iNext electric car

German automaker BMW has released a design sketch to tease the concept version of its iNext electric car. The teaser image shows off the shape and design of one of the 13 full electric cars which the German automaker plans to launch by the year 2025.

The teaser image released by BMW pertains to a concept version of the iNext electric car which the automaker apparently plans to unveil as a ‘Vision’ concept later in 2018. The production of the electric car is likely to be commenced by the automaker by 2021, at its Dingolfing manufacturing plant in Germany.

The term ‘Vision’ concept, as per the BMW terminology, is a somewhat imaginative preview of a forthcoming model and slightly further away from the production version, while ‘Concept’ models underscore a more realistic preview of a forthcoming model.

Going by the indications from the recently released design sketch by BMW, the concept version of the iNext electric car will seemingly have a crossover-like look, which brings to mind the design of the Jaguar I-Pace.

According to the information shared by BMW, the iNext all-electric car will boast the ability of “highly automated driving.” This disclosure by BMW is in line with the automaker’s 2017 announcement that, in the next three years, it will be launching cars capable to driving themselves on the highways.

After shying away from investing in electric vehicles segment, German automobile companies are moving faster in the segment. The recently announced major investments by German automobile companies will help electric vehicles segment. Audi has placed a major order for batteries for their future cars. BMW and Mercedes-Benz are also working seriously on new electric vehicles and consumers will have a lot of choice in coming years in high-performance and long range electric vehicles.