BMW to produce electric Mini at new state-of-the-art facility in China

BMW to produce electric Mini at new state-of-the-art facility in China

German automaker BMW has revealed in a recent announcement that it will be producing its electric Mini in a new factory in China. The electric Mini will likely be launched in 2019.

The announcement about electric Mini production in China has come within days of a previous disclosure by BMW that it would be producing the iX3 in the country for export. In addition, electric vehicle maker Tesla has also recently disclosed that it has signed Gigafactory 3 deal in China.

The recent EV-related announcements linked to China clearly imply that the country is adding more electric vehicles (EVs) for production at a notably fast pace, and is strengthening its position at the forefront of the ongoing EV revolution.

According to BMW’s announcement, the electric Mini will be produced in China through a new 50:50 joint-venture between the BMW Group and the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motor. The deal for the electric Mini production by the joint-venture has recently been signed by the two companies.

With BMW revealing that a “new state-of-the-art production facility” through the joint-venture has been planned in China’s Jiangsu Province for producing the electric Mini, Harald Kruger -- Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG -- said that the strategic partnership is “a clear win-win for the BMW Group and Great Wall Motor,” and added that the joint-venture will “contribute to China’s ambitious plans to ramp-up new energy vehicles.”