BMW officially launches its “convenient” wireless EV charging system

BMW officially launches its “convenient” wireless EV charging system

In a recent announcement, BMW has officially launched its wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging system, which the company has dubbed ‘BMW Wireless Charging.’ From now on, a BMW 530e iPerformance with a factory-fitted system that works with the automaker’s optional inductive charging system can be ordered by customers.

Despite the fact that the BMW wireless EV charging system has high actual cost, the automaker is touting the system as a more “convenient” option than a charging option with a cable. The company has also asserted that the system is very efficient.

While officially launching its new wireless EV charging system, BMW has highlighted the fact that the inductive charging technology used in the system is the same as the one which is already being widely used for powering mobile phones, electric toothbrushes, and even recharging high-voltage batteries in EVs.

The automaker has also drawn attention to one of the key benefits of BMW Wireless Charging, stating that the system boasts an “unrivalled ease of use,” as it eliminates the cable which is mostly required by drivers to hook up their EVs when their energy reserves have to be replenished.

Explaining how the BMW Wireless Charging works, the automaker has revealed that the system initiates the charging process when the drivers push the Start/Stop button after parking their EVs “in the correct position above the inductive Charging Station.” When the battery gets fully charged, the system “switches off automatically.”