BMW i3 is reportedly getting new battery cell upgrade for over 200-mile range

BMW i3 is reportedly getting new battery cell upgrade for over 200-mile range

In a recent report, BMW-focused German website BimmerToday has revealed that BMW’s i3 all-electric car will be getting a new battery cell upgrade, aimed at giving the car a range of more than 200 miles. BMW has been taking concrete steps in improving its offering in electric vehicles segment. The company has earmarked strong investment in battery technology and production lines.

The report is noteworthy because BimmerToday has disclosed some exclusive BMW-related details in the past. Moreover, ever since the launch of BMW i3 in 2013, the automaker has already given the electric car some big battery cell updates as well as a few relatively small incremental upgrades.

Over the years, BMW has been trying to increase the range of the i3. The company has been working with its battery cell supplier Samsung SDI for validating power energy dense battery cells which were introduced in the present battery pack, so that the same packaging can yield a longer range.

Towards that end, BMW had made the last improvement to the i3 in 2016, when it upgraded the battery pack from 22 kWh to 33 kWh by going from 60 Ah cells to 94 Ah cells.

About the new battery cell upgrade being planned by BMW for the i3, BimmerToday said in its report that “intensive preparations are underway in the background for the debut of a BMW i3 120Ah” and added: “The more powerful battery could increase the standard range according to NEDC to over 350 kilometers.”