BMW i3 electric car sales in UK hit ‘10,000 units’ mark

BMW i3 electric car sales in UK hit ‘10,000 units’ mark

German automaker BMW has recently revealed that the total number of company’s i3 electric cars sold in the UK has touched ‘10,000 units’ milestone. BMW has planned major investment in electric vehicle technology and the company is planning to lead German automobile industry in EV segment.

The disclosure that the UK sales of BMW i3 electric cars has touched 10,000 units is highly noteworthy because the milestone has been hit by the automaker in around four years of the 2014 launch of its first all-electric model with a left-hand drive.

BMW i3 first became available in the market in 2013, and was brought to the UK market the subsequent year. In the first year of its availability in the Isles, 1,220 units of the i3 were sold by BMW.

The latest ‘10,000 units sold’ milestone achieved by BMW for its i3 electric car implies that sales of the car have recorded a notable increase of nearly one thousand units every year. The i3 sales will continue to increase in the future as well, especially since the automaker has been releasing updates to the car, and has also launched its sportier BMW i3s version.

Till now, 2017 has been the strongest year for BMW i3 electric car in terms of UK sales. During the year, the company sold 3,458 units of the car to Britons. In comparison, the i3 sale in UK in 2016 was 2,631 units; and, in 2015, it was 2,145 units.