Bafang’s new H700 e-bike drive system comes with 2-speed automatic shifting, torque sensor

Bafang’s new H700 e-bike drive system comes with 2-speed automatic shifting, torque sensor

Bafang, one of the leading manufacturers of e-mobility components and e-drive systems, has unveiled its new H700 electric bicycle (e-bike) drive system that comes complete with a dual-speed automatic shifting motor and torque sensor.

The unveiling of the new H700 e-bike drive system shows that China-based Bafang is making efforts to increase the variety of motor systems for the electric two-wheelers. The company is already one of the leading e-bike drive manufacturers, and the only Chinese entity that can efficiently compete with European heavyweights like Bosch.

The new H700 e-bike drive system incorporates a number of notable enhancements and advancements that have specifically been designed for city e-bikes.

The Chinese manufacturer normally produces mid-motor e-bike drive systems, but the H700 drive system is based on a hub motor. It is interesting to note here that hub motors are usually considered to be older technology, but the use of Bafang’s new motor in the new drive system has given it a new-age, high-tech twist.

The 3.2-kg (roughly 7 pound) motor comes with automatic shifting dual-speed transmission capability. In simple words, when the rider will engage the drive, the bike system will automatically measure the speed and shift accordingly to adjust the motor output. Availability of more torque in the lower gear will be helpful in acceleration and climbing. Thus, when a rider will be moving faster, the higher gear will automatically get selected to provide higher speed. It will allow the motor to offer a greater torque curve without mounting the motor’s power. It will be additional help as the motor has been classified as a 250W system to meet European e-bike power limits. The manufacturer has also confirmed that the torque output of the motor is 32 Nm.

In addition to the new motor, the H700 drive system includes an internal battery, a torque-sensing bottom bracket, and a single-button remote.

The battery has been designed to easily slide inside of the downtube, which is a usual placement in city e-bikes. The single-button remote has been designed to be incorporated into the top surface of the top tube of the e-bikes. That is also a common design for city e-bikes.
Bafang has plans to start delivering the new H700 e-bike drive system by the end of current month (September 2021); and the system should make its presence felt in value-priced e-bikes for the European market sooner than later.