Automakers showcase EVs designed for China at 2018 Beijing Auto Show

Automakers showcase EVs designed for China at 2018 Beijing Auto Show

Chinese electric vehicle market is fast growing and acceptance of green vehicles in China has increased over the last two quarters. At the 2018 Auto China event being held in Beijing this week, several renowned automakers have showcased their electric vehicles (EVs) designed for the Chinese market. The Auto Show underscores the growing importance of the Chinese market for EV manufacturers, especially because EV technology will be a key component of the global automobile industry in the future. Automakers are projecting that EVs will contribute 35-50% to their overall vehicle sales in China by year 2025.

At the Auto Show, Volkswagen showcased an SUV -- the E20X -- which is the first model for the SOL electric brand that the German automaker has launched with its Chinese partner. The E20X SUV boasts a 300-kilometer (185-mile) range on a single charge, and is chiefly targeted at the bargain-priced tiers in the Chinese market.

The EV which Nissan showcased at the Auto Show was its Sylphy Zero Emission vehicle, based on LEAF. The automaker has claimed that the Sylphy has a range of 338 kilometers (210 miles) on a single charge.

General Motors (GM) showcased a total of five all-electric models at the Auto Show. One of the notable models displayed by GM was a concept Buick SUV which supposedly has a 600-kilometer (375 miles) range on one charge.

Besides these automakers, Ford and other brands also showcased some of their China-specific electric SUVs, electric sedans and other EVs at the 2018 Auto China Show.