Australian EV industry wants extra $3.2 billion spending on infrastructure

Australian EV industry wants extra $3.2 billion spending on infrastructure

A new report for the Electric Vehicle Council has highlighted the need for boosting the battery-charging network in Australia, in order to enable the country to aim at an increased adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). The report was sponsored by energy technology investor Trevor St Baker.

According to the report, an addition expenditure of $3.2 billion on charging infrastructure is being desired by electric vehicle industry in Australia, so that the number of electric vehicles on the country’s roads can reach 3 million by the year 2030.

With the report emphasizing that public charging infrastructure should be given a boost, the plan is being backed by the NRMA, which has commenced the rollout of $10 million worth of public chargers in NSW. The mentioned expenditure for financing the rollout has come from the funds of the members.

Assuring that the measures to improve charging network and increase EV penetration in Australia will be supported by the government, Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg said that the “revolution” will be backed via the Australian Renewable Energy Agency as well as the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

Predicting that 1 million electric vehicles will run on Australian roads by 2030, Frydenberg said: “The government stands ready to support the rollout of vehicles, as we are currently doing.”