Audi’s eTron all-electric crossover enters production

Audi’s eTron all-electric crossover enters production

German automaker Audi is apparently set to launch its first volume electric car -- the eTron -- to compete with US electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors.

The Audi eTron is an all-electric, two-row, five-seat, all-wheel-drive crossover, which has recently entered production at the automaker’s manufacturing factory in Brussels. The volume production of the vehicle is likely to commence at the end of summer 2018, which is apparently the expected timeline for the vehicle to hit the markets.

With electric vehicle (EV) car incentives already being reduced in some regions which are fairly close to Audi’s Brussels factory, the sales of the eTron will initially be focused on countries like Norway, Germany, Belgium, and Holland; probably also in Switzerland, Austria and Sweden.

The eTron was first discussed publicly by Audi in November 2014, at the Los Angeles Auto Show. In September 2015, Audi presented the eTron at the Frankfurt Auto Show as a “near production ready” concept.

At that time, it was reported that Audi will start the production of the eTron by the end of 2017, which was considered a somewhat unrealistic timeline. Now, after four years into the development of the eTron, Audi is finally at the threshold of launching the all-electric crossover.