Apple has 45 self-driving car permits in California

Apple has 45 self-driving car permits in California

Apple is seriously working on developing self-driving technology and the company has more permits compared to automobile companies working on automated technology in driving. According to a Financial Times report, technology major Apple has surpassed Tesla, Uber, and Alphabet’s Waymo -- its closest rivals in the self-driving car market -- in terms of ‘number of permits received for testing self-driving vehicles in California.’

The report, based on the latest permit information obtained by Financial Times from the California Department of Motor Vehicles, has revealed that Apple presently has 45 permits to test self-driving cars on California roads.

Apple had received its first permit for testing its self-driving car in California in April 2017. The number increased to 27 permits in January 2018. Going by the latest numbers, Apple -- with 45 permits -- is now in the second place with regard to permits obtained for testing self-driving vehicles. In the first spot is General Motors’ Cruise LLC, with 110 permits.

So far as the other prominent players in the self-driving car market are concerned, Financial Times report has disclosed that Tesla currently has 39 self-driving car permits in California, while Uber has 29 permits. Waymo presently has 24 permits (though it had over 100 permits in June last year).

The information shared by the latest news report highlights the fact that leading technology companies are trying to outdo one another when it comes to advancements in self-driving technology. And, Apple -- with more permits than Tesla, Uber, and Waymo -- is emerging as a strong contender in the self-driving car market!