AAA survey: 20% Americans will likely go for EV for their next vehicle purchase

AAA survey: 20% Americans will likely go for EV for their next vehicle purchase

According to a survey carried out by AAA, the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is encouragingly on the increase in the United States, with 20% Americans having expressed the possibility of going electric when they buy their new car. Recently launched electric vehicles have showcased better performance, longer range and slightly lower price. With automobile companies shifting focus to electric vehicles, consumers will have much wider choice in next 5-6 years.

The results of the survey have revealed that nearly 50 million (or 20%) Americans desire an EV as their next vehicle purchase. The data is encouraging for electric vehicle segment and should prompt automobile companies to increase their budget on the segment.

The new AAA survey results clearly indicate a potential rise in the popularity of EVs going forward. A similar AAA survey in 2017 had showed that 15% Americans wanted their next vehicle purchase to be an EV.

With EVs becoming increasingly popular in the US, the latest AAA survey results and the existing EV adoption rate in the country evidently hint at a need for automakers to ramp their production of EVs so that they can meet the expected increase in demand in future.

Meanwhile, along with revealing that 20% Americans would prefer an EV as their next vehicle, the AAA survey has also highlighted the chief concerns of people who are “unsure or unwilling to choose an electric vehicle for their next car.” Towards that end, 63% people cited lack of adequate EV charging infrastructure as a detractor, while 58% said that they are concerned about running out of charge while driving.