2018 Nissan LEAF owners complaining about fast-charging problem

New 2018 Nissan LEAF owners complaining about fast-charging problem

According to reports, the new 2018 Nissan LEAF electric car apparently has a fast-charging problem. The owners of the 2018 LEAF have voiced their frustrations about the car’s supposed ‘fast’ charging because they feel that the charging is not as fast as advertised by the company.

With a number of 2018 LEAF owners complaining about the car’s fast-charging problem on the Twitter microblogging platform, the issue has now come to the fore in the form of a Twitter hashtag: ‘#rapidgate.’

As per the complaints of new 2018 LEAF owners, charging speeds are dialled back by the electronic management software of the electric car when it is repeatedly fast charged during the course of a particular trip. The new LEAF owners feel that the car is not much useful on long trips due to the fast-charging problem, because it takes hours, rather than minutes, to get charged after each successive recharge on the trip.

In response to the complaints related to the fast-charging problem reported in the 2018 LEAF, Nissan has explained that the issue actually underscores certain ‘safeguards’ which have been out in place by the company to ensure that the battery does not get overheated.

Nissan asserted: “While the safeguards may increase charging times after multiple fast charging sessions, they are important to maintaining battery life over an extended time period.”