20 Tesla Semi electric trucks ordered by FedEx for its freight fleet

20 Tesla Semi electric trucks ordered by FedEx for its freight fleet

In a recent announcement, FedEx has confirmed that it has placed orders for 20 Tesla Semi electric trucks which will be used in the ‘FedEx Freight’ fleet. Tesla Semi trucks will replace diesel trucks which are presently being used in the company’s freight fleet.

The announcement, made by FedEx Freight CEO and President Mike Ducker, implies that a significant order has been placed by FedEx for Tesla’s Semi electric trucks which are being ordered by an increasing number of companies.

Tesla has publicly confirmed that a whopping order of 125 Semi electric trucks was placed by FedEx’s main competitor UPS last year, after the launch of the Semi orders program by the electric-vehicle automaker in November.

Tesla Semi electric trucks are available in two versions --- one with a 300-mile range, priced at $150,000; and the other with a 500-mile range, priced at $180,000. In addition to these two versions, Tesla is also listing a ‘Founders Series’ version of the Semi electric truck, priced at $200,000.

Meanwhile, with regard to FedEx’s orders 20 Tesla Semi electric trucks, Ducker said that the orders mark the company’s “commitment to improving road safety while also reducing our environmental impact.” He also added that FedEx has a history of “incorporating sustainability efforts throughout its global network.”