Each of our writers represents the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless online publishing’s potential is. We go to great lengths to satisfy the needs of our readers and offer them the latest and the most important events.

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Aaron Lawson is Clean-tech and EV reporter specializing in the high-tech industry in California. Lawson has over fifteen years of automotive experience and a B.A. in computer science. He has worked with Automotive News for six years.
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Jake Reni is director for commercial partnerships. Reni plays an important role as advisor for hypergrowth Sales-Tech SaaS startups and he is excited about electric vehicle revolution. He brings in 15 years of experience in sales and business development.
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Jim Dickie is strategic advisor to EV Bulletin, Director and co-founder of CSO Insights - a Division of MIller Heiman Group, a research firm that specializes in leveraging people, process, and technology to optimize sales.
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Brian G. Burns is sales expert. He has been involved with local automobile dealerships in SF Bay Area with sales and marketing. Burns is passionate about EVs, is management team member at EV Bulletin and manages
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Mike Kunle is strategic advisor and investor at EV Bulletin. Kunle helps companies radically improve sales performance through disciplined and focused execution of a systems approach to sales. Kunle is from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania.
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Cameron Silverman has been fascinated by automobiles since childhood. He grew up in Detroit and his father worked at different positions at General Motors. Silverman has been tracking Tesla Motors closely and he reports the latest in EV segment.
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Chris Turner started his career with navigation and mapping company TomTom NV. He has focused his energy on automobile sector for the last seven years. Turner joined EV Bulletin in 2017 and covers the latest development in EV segment in Europe.
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Brian Haggerty strongly believes that electric vehicles are the future of automobile industry. He drives Model S and can easily get into heated discussion with anyone promoting diesel vehicles. He closely watched dieselgate scandal involving VW.
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Jason Howard has worked with various automobile magazines for the last 16 years. Howard grew up in Seattle, joined Seattle PI as a junior reporter and has worked with Gannett. He currently lives in California and manages editorial duties at EV Bulletin.
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Nick Kretz is Digital Marketing and Content Strategist with over 10 years experience in the IT/Software Industry. He works with online stores and startups to drive business growth and user adoption of their products or services.